hundreds – let’s write the streets

the sketch of a position, of a fleet shape that can lean towards cold raster noton-like aesthetics as well as towards intimate song writing, that holds the darkness of Low somewhere deep down inside which you will remember as gleaming and euphoric. offish electronic sounds, fragile remain of breathing and far away hunches that sound like underwater music establish a gentle connection to the immediacy of the embracing and sensual voice. a strict, disciplined and artful texture is drawn only to be immediately filled by love, tears, kisses and laughter, ardour, inebriation, sobering, disenchantment, desperation, occupied by life itself. the music of hundreds grows with every encounter, with every collision and contradiction. it breathes in all the free spaces that suddenly appear. It is as unseizable as the persons behind it. still it offers to hug everyone.
(sinnbus records)


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