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Thank you so much everyone for your votes and e-mails! I chose ‘A R R I V A L S’, my tutor loved it, and although I showed him the alternatives, he wanted this one! As a result, he advised me to make a photo book! Thought some prints would be enough, but they are not (my tutor has never chosen the easiest way for me, guess he likes to know I’m in pain!), so here I am, working on a Blurb book now!!! You’ll see it soon!


As I’m preparing the final exhibition for my MA degree, I find choosing its title one of the most difficult and complex tasks.

In (very) short, my project deals with issues of ethnicity, identity and self in the context of globalisation, migration and alienation.

Developed on a period of a few months in Romania and the Republic of Moldova, the exhibition mostly comprises photos of places, people and situations that best represented this journey of the self on the native places.

It is nothing extremely complicated but I want to force a bit the norm and the dullness of titles usually used for such projects (as I am quite fed up with titles such as “boundaries of memory”, “dissolving identities” etc. you get the idea).

Your answers can be intuitive, it is best to choose what resonates with you most (even if it is about me – in fact, the project intends to create premises for identification and reflection), even if you just like how it sounds.

After all, my work is for others, that’s why your input into this is essential!


Here are a few titles I have in mind:


2 thoughts on “**please please please vote in this poll

  1. Good luck on your project! I look forward to hearing how it went!

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