Live in your home and your home will not fall.
I can summon forth any century,
I shall enter it and build my home in it.
This is why your children and your
Wives share a table with me,
The same table as my ancestor and grandchild:
The future is happening now,
And if I just raise my hand,
All five rays will remain with you.
Like a hoist I have supported
Every day of the past with my shoulders,
I have measured time with a surveyor’s chain
And passed through it as if through the Urals.

[Arsenii Tarkovsky]

++ juxtaposition of global flows and individual acts of resistance: a crystal containing pulsating rivers, a net hoisted against immortality or a hand raised against the on-rushing future;
++ it is not the illusion that one can stop time in its tracks, but the hope that one can catch it in the meshes of experience;
++ find the measure of the eternal in instants that flow before us;
++ an image that opens before us the possibility of interaction with infinity;
++ the ability to deal with the infinite by indicating its presence in the mundaneness of our memory.


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