[stillness is the move]

[stillness is the move], originally uploaded by {Li}{La}.

[just stood in this place (Manchester) for a few [long] minuntes and waited for people to pass by. couldn’t see or hear when somebody came close and also due to the narrow space, I did not have too much time to react either. unfortunately, there were not too many people walking through that rather industrial area which actually increased the tension, it was a great experience, made me feel like a hunter and also invited me to reflect on the different photo opportunities on street: do you wait or do you look for them?]

[stilness is the move]

As one of my friends said today, ‘It’s that moment when camera meets subject and neither are sure what reaction to expect.’.

[stillness is the move]

More to come on the mini-project’s page H E R E

[stillness is the move]


One thought on “[stillness is the move]

  1. I guess they are both right, you wait and you look for photo opportunities in the streets. And then… it is that bit of luck and the miracle of the unexpected…

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