[film: Li recommends]

We bought this film a few months ago but I simply avoided it because of what it says on the cover (a film that reveals London’s true dark and twisted underbelly). Why did we buy it in the first place then? I have recently developed a sort of “passion” for Danny Dyer’s characters (I have already seen him in 4 films) and Dominic was told that he looks very much like him (and we like to confirm this each time). Instead of a gangster film, I was surprised to discover quite an emotional multi-stranded drama, with an incredible cinematography, wide angle shots, brilliant photography. I read people’s comments and some of them were quite disappointed because they found such a distubing drama instead of a typical escapist gangster film (as the cover somehow announces). But with me it was exactly the opposite: I expected to hear gunshots and see a lot of blood on the walls (there was only one gunshot and no blood on the walls!) but I had the opportunity to see a film dealing with very uneasy subjects, in a straight realistic manner, with great acting, controlled depression, interesting storyline and a certain degree of unexpected related to what would happen next plus an amazing soundtrack which intensifies each scene. A deep insight in the world of the things we don’t always see or we don’t want to see. I do not think this trailer is truly relevant but I couldn’t find what I wanted, so if you get the chance, just watch it!


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