[define sensuality]

[define sensuality], originally uploaded by {Li}{La}.

[SOOC, no post-production]

Olympus OM-20
Zuiko 50 mm 1:1.8
Kodak Ultramax ISO 400
developed by Max Spielmann

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Taken at Halfords. I honestly do not like to take photos in stores because I am sure there is a certain policy related to this and I generally avoid trouble. But I couldn’t help myself when seeing this beauty. I hope I will buy it. I like it too much. This photo could have been better but I did not want to risk and meet the security guy, that is why I had to be very quick and trust my instincts. Under the circumstances, I am quite satisfied with the result. What do you think?

[also check my other film attempts on my flickr set H E R E /to be updated ]


One thought on “[define sensuality]

  1. You’re right! It is sensual, and given the fact that I love biking, it’s even more! If you get to buy it, please post pictures… it looks great! 😉

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