[prick up your ears]

I do not like those people who say THAT’S ME as an excuse for them being idiots, shallow or whatever.

I like intelligent humble people, actually I think these two things come together: intelligence and humility.

[I saw Vanessa Redgrave last night receiving the Academy Fellowship at the Orange British Academy Film Awards, humble and shinning brightly, and I prayed that when I will be old I will be as wise and shinning as this amazing woman. She told the audience how she had once learned ‘a great lesson’ from singer Maria Callas: ‘to put the truth of your feelings and your thoughts first’ and the sound of your voice would follow. Turning to Prince William, she said: ‘I would like to say, your Royal Highness, how much I admire your father for his intelligence, humility and kindness.’


I do not like people who act like they are the ultimate keepers of the absolute truth and I am really worried for those who have NO DOUBTS when it comes about themselves.
People who cannot say I THINK I WAS WRONG or I AM SORRY or I MADE A MISTAKE. This people are very dangerous to themselves and I honestly pity them.

I am also confused by the fact that SUPERFICIAL IS THE NEW DEEP and that things tend to keep their surface limit beyond which you simply cannot pass. I also consider narrow-minded people a threat to VISION and to development and I am afraid of them. Sometimes I am surprised that the only feeling I have for frustrated people who cannot do anything else than destroying others’ happiness is a feeling of deep sadness.

I love old couples who walk hand in hand and there is something in their eyes I long for: the wisdom of transgressing all the things I have mentioned above.

[we know some tricks]
[a lot of tricks actually]
[for example, we know how to feint death]
[how to take a pleasant walk around Albert docks]
[how to feel young and happy on such a cloudy day]
[how to let this girl take us a photo]
[pretending that we don’t see her]

(taken in Liverpool, May 16th, 2009)


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