[black and pink]

I say E:V:I:L:
The absolute evil. The essence of pure evil.
Thanks to my English brother (as he likes to dub himself!), Carl, I had the opportunity to stumble across one of the most unusual and amazing videos I have ever seen. And I am a serious consumer of good music videos and short films.
The guns with birds instead of bullets represent a perfect, consistent metaphor. Actually, the entire video is a metaphor for the absolute evil. Guns do not kill, they reveal the animalistic nature of human beings, their non-human side. Basically, at the very core of this EVIL is a man’s true desire to impress a woman. The removing of human heads is a genuine metaphor for the idea of losing our humanity. Old women have a great collection of men’s heads and encourage the young ones to do the same: to collect souls. Men’s souls. Cause men are ready to fight against each other for a woman’s heart. The young woman is the truculent, ferocious wolf: she is delusive, manipulatory, promiscuous and seductive – with only one goal in mind. Her real face is revealed at the end of this topnotch video. I had to watch it for at least 3 times to understand and develop its idea, finally enriching it with a coherent meaning. Each time I look at it I discover new things/details. For example, at end of the video, when the young woman is surrounded by a devilish, underworld red light as she gets out of the forest, the image of death is behind her (3.17), on the right. Initially, I did not notice this dreadful detail.

Ramona Falls is beautiful. Seriously, check it out on Google Earth some time. A multi-tiered waterfall in a dark glen on the slopes of Mount Hood in Oregon, it’s one of those endlessly photographable landforms that makes you want to be there any time you see a shot of it. As a sort of shorthand for the natural majesty of the Pacific Northwest, the name works well for Portland’s Ramona Falls, aka Brent Knopf of Menomena and a huge cast of his friends. In fact, of the various Menomena side projects, this is the one that most matches that band in terms of both sound and quality, paying meticulous attention to sonic and compositional details to emerge with a record full of memorable surprises.

(Pitchfork Media)

“I Say Fever” is the first video from the Ramona Falls debut LP Intuit. The video was directed by Stefan Nadelman, winner of a 2003 Sundance prize for his 22 minute film ‘Terminal Bar.’


Because I like balance, I will add some pink flashing sparkly things to this post by presenting you a video of the only girls group I really do enjoy, maybe because it is not about showing tits & butts, famous brands apparel and fashion clothing or expensive cars. With Au Revoir Simone it is all about being natural and genuine. At least this is what I feel when listening to their music. This is a new video for their new single, taken from last year’s Still Night, Still Light. I think that – in a perfect opposition with the above mentioned video – the pink trace is here what connects us, a beautiful liaison, a reminiscence of our childhood, a symbol for the traces of purity which must have been somewhere inside all of us. If we add to this the well-known symbolistic of this colour we can finally perceive this video as a tribute to innocence, joy and even good luck. 🙂 Which is what I wish for all of you!

The video was directed by Christopher Kucinski and it was shot in New York.

UPDATE: I bought INTUIT, Ramona Falls’ album and it is one of the best albums I have listened to recently.


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