[love me or loathe me]

I apologise for the latest posts without words (these excuses are for my imaginary readers and for Dana, Andrea, James, Orin and Tony who visit these pages regularly – some of them daily – I really don’t know why!); have been busy and contacted a flu virus, not THE VIRUS, still an unpleasant one; but, hey, I won and I’m back. The sweetest thing about the flu is the fact that I can drink SWEET hot drinks and some other sweet things 🙂 in order to gain POWER to fight the enemy virus. There are a lot of weird things happening but – as a good friend of mine said the other day – “Never fear the weird. Weird can be beautiful!” and I think he is right. For example, a few days ago shortly after getting out of the Imax, at midnight, in central Manchester I saw a young woman in a mini skirt wearing T-Strap in the snow; it was snowing with huge puffy snowflakes and the whole scene was amazing! (I told you I take the best photos when I do not have the camera with me!) Ok, some technical specifications: a T-Strap comes up between the toes and hooks onto an ankle strap to hold the foot firmly in place with minimal coverage of the foot. Perfect for days at the beach or those first few days of summer when you want to get some sun on your feet! However, the young woman did not seem embarrassed or cold or ashamed or smth and I admired her for this: perfect attitude, straight back and a genuine delicacy at each step with her sandals in the snow. Oh, I talk too much. This might be because tomorrow will be a great day and I am quite nervous excited about it: I will see Sophie (who is 5 months old) and might spend some time and taking care of her while her parents will be out doing important things parents usually do. I haven’t really understand what is all the fuss around babies until I first saw Soph, I am in love with her and I want to be her friend for life. Now, I will add links to a happy little song and a very sad story of a cute toaster and will go to sleep cause it is UNfashionably late! Until then, toodle-oo and good night!

Oh, the title of this post is absolutely stupid, has no connection with the post whatsoever but it was my option and I like to be resolute about my options. So there it is, my sweet little title, glorious and uselss!


2 thoughts on “[love me or loathe me]

  1. J’ai été tenté de mettre “j’aime” dans facebook et je l’ai mis. Mais ce “j’aime” est anodin et neutre. Il ne remplace pas le plaisir que j’ai à chaque fois que je te lis.
    Tu a entièrement raison quand tu dis (I told you I take the best photos when I do not have the camera with me!)…j’adore cette aveux et il est vrai.
    Passe une bonne journée Alina.


  2. Merci, Daniel, pour patience et attention aux détails! Je me rappelle toujours l’idée avec les photos stockées directement dans le cerveau et développés par example dans la pensée (ou ailleurs)! 🙂

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