[Tigers That Talk Created Artificial Clouds]

(photo source: Tigers That Talke Myspace Page)

In September I wrote a few words about my musical experience with Leeds-based Indie foursome, Tigers That Talked. I was quite impressed by Black Heart Blue Eyes and I have listened to it for many times until recently when their new single, Artificial Clouds was released on Bad Sneakers Records (so I uploaded the new song on my iPod and listened to it instead – on heavy rotation!). Jamie Williams of the band describes the song as being

about the hope of breaking down borders between people and of rediscovering a connection. It evokes one lover’s desperation to recover and retrace back from the point at which romance falls apart and is replaced by a sense of disconnection, longing & loss.

The album (The Merchant) will be released next year. I will not praise the group again, just mention that I like the beauty of simplicity as they express it. Hope to see them live tomorrow in Manchester.

Artificial Clouds has all the elements of a great song – excellent vocals, an incredible melody, it’s lyrically beautiful and leaves you craving more as soon as it finishes. A band definitely to look out for. (John G. Fagan, For Folks Sake)


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