[two bodies in two parallel tombs]

When you wake up in the morning
and your sheets cling to you
and your face is beautiful
and it looks as if you made love,

the sun breaks down the air into effulgent particles.

Like a heavy duty truck.
Its sudden brakes at the zebra crossing
release a force which you can feel in your throat.

Where to stop and moreover
where to continue from?

We are like a never worn coat for a body tired of waiting.
A smile I will remember for all my life. Like a tattoo inside my stomach.

You have to reach only that place where somebody loves you.

In time you realise that there is something inside which never surrenders.
Something which never gives itself up.

A hedgehog crouching in fear on the back of some other animal.


(4.07.2008, © Alina Livia Lazăr)


One thought on “[two bodies in two parallel tombs]

  1. Everybody reached trhat point at one stage … What a pitty that sometimes we did not realised it.

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