[It is the stigma that still scares people]

The video, aimed at 15-25 year-olds, is designed to challenge young people into questioning the negative associations they hold.

The stigma experienced by people living with HIV is immensely destructive and can further damage people who may already be in a vulnerable state.
You cannot be infected by HIV from everyday contact with people who are HIV-positive.

Activities such as sharing a meal or a cup, shaking hands, hugging or kissing, or attending the same workplace, school or event as someone with the virus, will not put you at risk.

It also acts as a call to action to young people, as it encourages them to sign up as peer educators.

The British Red Cross peer educators are young people who train and teach people their own age, covering a range of humanitarian issues, including HIV.

Take care. Act responsible. Every single day.

update: On BBC’s website, I discovered 3,000 posters from around the world, that all try to raise awareness of HIV/Aids; they have been digitised by staff at The Wellcome Library in central London.Audio slideshow: The Aids message


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