The Age of Stupid

Probably the biggest ever global film event

Set in the year 2055, The Age of Stupid focuses on a man living alone in a world which has all been destroyed by climate change.

In an attempt to understand exactly how such a tragedy could have befallen his species and the society and culture which they created over the course of several millennia, he begins to review a series of ‘archive’ documentary clips from 2008.

His aim is to discover how his ancestors – the one generation of people who had the power to prevent the impending disaster – could have demonstrated such disregard or contempt for the future.

[This is where I discovered the Age of Stupid.]

[A place where nature filled my eyes with joy: a small park in Preston, UK. Photos taken on Sunday]


2 thoughts on “The Age of Stupid

  1. ar putea 🙂 dar mesajul tau e spam.

    l-am aprobat totusi ca vad ca ai pile SUS.

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