redrum, originally uploaded by mav_at.

Do you remember Danny driving on a red carpet through the long hallways in Stanley Kubricks Shining? Still curious about what is lurking behind the next corner, both afraid and waiting. Thats what I felt like while exploring this Hotel. It was built in 1899 and abandoned in the 60ies, maybe because the owners died. Almost everything is still in its place, even though some vandalism occured. The beds are made, there are still several bottles of wine and Coke (Afri, Pepsi and Coca Cola) in the cellar. In the attic, there are hundreds of personal letters, dating back to 1910 – some with remarks like “Zensiert vom Oberkommando der Wehrmacht” or “K.u.k. Militärbehörde”. Even the gravestones of the former owners are waiting for you. You can explore the whole history of the Hotel there.

A woman was living on the ground floor till the late 90ies, and all her things are left there – her glasses, her cloths, some puppies and dish liquid. She played the piano every day and loved sweets from Vienna.

where are my eyes, originally uploaded by mav_at.

room, originally uploaded by mav_at.

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