motivation & today’s song

1. There should be blood on the gym floor every single day!

2. Unless you faint, puke or die: KEEP WALKING!

Of course, I adapt it, saying KEEP RUNNING, or KEEP PUSHING, it depends on the situation!
Motivation is very important when you want to break your personal walls where usually is placed a fake impossibility or … F E A R.

Ok, enough cheap philosophy & Internet browsing, now I am ready for my semi-power afternoon walk but before I want to share this nice song with my friends in case they miss me.

It is an old one, but who cares? 🙂

PS. Last evening I saw 2 great films: Water Lillies and In America. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time and mood to write about them, so I just make this recommendation to you. Check the trailers at least, there are some links in the Twitter Updates section here. And ENJOY!


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