Tigers That Talked

I only discovered this band recently which is a good thing cause I did not have ‘the chance’ to experience any weird or undefined period, specific for every beginning. That is probably why the band I started to listen proves cohesion and a certain degree of … creative wisdom (hopefully, this is not a big word, taking into account their great lyrics and complex compositions).

Tigers That Talked reminds me very much of The Doves and I don’t know if it is a good or a bad thing. As with them, I find a great balance between lyrics, voices and tones, all targeting deep meanings [which is why I listen to music, right?! not only pure entertainment at the gym:P].

Then there is this video I love so much. Blackpool is a city in which I feel special and which provided me opportunities for some of my best shots (in other words, it gave me loads of inspiration!). Glimpses of the town in this video make me feel nostalgic and I tend to listen to it again and again. But this is something personal.

There is a sort of antithesis between the glamorous touristy areas and the regular dodgy looking estates, which supports the lyrics. Moreover, the incompatibility and contrast between the audience and the band, singing at a Blackpool Legion club illustrate the same idea.

I love the natural expressions on people’s faces, exponents of different generations, the lights, the colours, the realistic feel of the video, and I consider it an achievement even without the song.

this is my Blackpool 🙂

by {Li}{La}.

More photos I took in Blackpool HERE .


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