irresistible ‘oh-oh-uh-oh’ ululations, 80s style, Ziggy-esque alter-ego: my kind of guy! :)

According to the description from his myspace page,

Diamond Rings is an extra personal emotional outlet for Toronto resident and D’Urbervilles lead singer John O. His lyrically evocative pop compositions are performed upon a stolen keyboard, borrowed laptop, and second hand guitar.*

Diamond Rings released a split 7 inch record with Kingston’s PS I Love You in August 2009 courtesy of the Toronto based boutique label Hype Lighter.

*It’s Stratocaster with no whammy bar.

I love the make-up, the choreography, the natural feel this song gives to me. The video has some footage that reminds me of Organized Rhyme and the music videos of my 20s. I really don’t know what exactly makes it sound and look so good 🙂 I think that there is a perfect combination.

If you want to know more about John, here is an interview in Steel Bananas magazine


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