Certainly there is a tremendous amount of glaciation in my soul

yesterday [27]:

I bought a book called CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL . Do not ask me why. It’s a long and boring story;

and the above CDs – florence and the machine – LUNGS; the best of NEW ORDER, oracular spectacular – MGMT and the complete STONE ROSES.

I also took some shots with of a mouse and a book and a pair of trousers pants as part of an UTATA theme for Iron Photographer 79. It was a very weird thing to do. I still have to work on the project.

The most interesting thing Ive heard today: YOU WILL FORGET ALL THIS!

I do not miss anyone.

As part of the programme BECOMING A BLONDE I thought I needed a motto, some kind of a mental impulse, so I created this:

RUBENS IS DEAD; Just get off your lazy intelectual ass and MOVE!

I like it. Still work on it though.

I know it may sound as a cliche but take your time and listen to this.

At present I read Introducing English Linguistics by Charles F. Meyer because I am masochistic.

I am still interested in interior design & decoration; it is the only thing that really stimulates my creativity now.


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