what I read now:


[The Sunday Times Bestseller]

I regard happiness as chimeric and temporary, akin to pleasure, and I tend to agree with the saying ‘we were not put on this earth to be happy’. The evidence regarding happiness, rather than emotional distress, is anyway not very sound. My focus is on why we are so fucked up, not with dangling a false promise of the possibility of happiness. In short, my new theory is that the nasty form of politcal economy that i call Selfish Capitalism caused an epidemic of the Affluenza Virus, accounting for much of the increase in distress since the 1970s.

Author’s articles may be found in The Guardian

When I first saw Oliver James, he was very angry [I liked that, he was right though]; I have searched for more information about him. I found this book yesterday and here is a video you might like to see.


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