love changes everything

love makes the rules from fools to kings


There is something about this song.

I get this feeling every time I listen to it.

It is an old song & it reminds me of Li, the teenager; on Tulcea’s streets, in high-school, near Danube, discovering books & people! 🙂 discovering myself.

That girl smiles inside of me everytime I hear this song. It is wonderful. Something magic happens! I really dont know why. I do not even listen to it very often! 🙂

It is just one of those inexplicable amazing things in life. I am serious! 🙂

Update: It also makes me cry if I am not very careful! 🙂


One thought on “love changes everything

  1. Oh daaa! De acord cu piesa asta! Tu stii mai bine de ce spun asta!!!

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