100 strangers and 2 friends!

I hope that I will have the inspiration & strength to accomplish this mission. I will undertake this 100 strangers project, posting the photos mainly on group’s page from Flickr.

The idea is very simple: all I need to do is to talk with people that I do not know, find some information about their lives, ask them the permission to take a photograph of them and then post it on the group’s page. I also must write a small story related to that person’s life & the conversation we had. The above-mentioned link to the website comprises this information.

The ultimate challenge for the members is to take 100 portraits of 100 strangers. Candids are not allowed. Little by little, learning by doing you’ll get better results. You might even find that taking contact with strangers isn’t as scary as you thought it would be. Here’s how it goes: Stop people by the street, talk with them, ask if you can take a portrait. Post the picture to Flickr and 100 strangers pool. Try to get an idea who they are. Write a caption that tells something about the person in portrait. Describe how you got the photo. Don’t post archive photos. Get out on the streets to take new ones. Keep on practicing. Don’t try to get all 100 pictures during one session, but try to find different people in different locations. Try to get a wide array of portraits: rich, poor, white, black, working, doing sports, etc.

In practice it is more complicated. Almost instinctively I started this project yesterday, May 7th, but I would consider its beginning with May 8th. However the REAL beginning will be when I post photos on 100 strangers’ group pool on Flickr. It will take a while cause I still expect miracles from the Royal Bank of Scotland which has to approve the bank account necessary for obtaining a PayPal acccount. 🙂

Here is my first attempt taken today in Wigan. Shaun, 17, arrived a bit after I had finished taking some shots of his (very shy) friends.

“Well, I suppose you wouldnt like me as a model, would you?”. He seemed rather upset.
“Why do you say that? You’ve just arrived. 🙂 Come on! Are you ready?”

And he was very… ready. While taking the second shot I said:
“You’re perfect for this, you do know it, dont you?”He just smiled and I captured this.

wigan 176-2

After that:

smiles and smiles and some more smiles

“By the way, I am Alina & I am Romanian”
“Nice to meet you, Alina. I am Shaun & I am British”

muah muah

I am not sure I can come closer to the performance of the other participants in the project. But I need to do it for myself. It is very important for me, in order to improve my abilities related to communication & interaction with [British] people, and also my technical skills cause I have quite a small amount of time for taking this kind of photographs.

Si cum azi e ziua Onucului m-am gandit la ea printre crengute inca de ieri si o imbratisez cu drag si imi pare rau ca nu pot fi langa ea sa o strang in brate de sa-i trozneasca osisoarele! 🙂

La Multi Ani, Onucule!
La Multi Ani, Onucule!

dar asta nu e tot. tot azi e ziua lui Tosa si asa ca il pup si pe el, incurajandu-l sa devina tot mai mult el insusi! I-am pregatit un superdar, dar stau cu emotii ca poate o stie deja. Sa fac o verificare:

Some people think I’m bonkers
But I just think I’m free
Man I’m just living my life
There’s nothing crazy about me
Some people pay for thrills but I get mine for free
Man I’m just living my life
There’s nothing crazy about me

Nu. Deci nu o stii. Deci click aici:

A heavy bass line is my kind of silence

PS. daca postarea-i incorecta e pen ca m-am hemotionat, da?


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