Eitt tungumál er aldrei nóg

I asked today my new friend on fb social utility, Sigurður, what is his opinion regrading the “Cold War” implied by the Kárahnjúkar Hydroelectric Project. I read a lot of things in the National Geographic review and I really respected and appreciated the attitude of the people living there with regard to this project.

And this is what Sigurður Karl Jóhannesson told me today about the “Cold War” in Iceland:

“Cold war may be a little dramatic I think.
It was funny though , but I was never really against the dam in the beginning. Our government however was repeatedly asked to hold a national vote to decide for it and they refused every time and frankly acted like this was none of our concern.
So I started looking at the big picture and I´m still not sure what to think. On one hand people there needed the jobs , on the other we destroyed a lot of priceless nature spots. And it has to be said that while aluminum smelting is a polluting process , we built the factory to pollute as little as humanly possible.
But the real fact is that I don´t live anywhere near Kárahnjúkar and it´s easy for me to say the dam should never have been built , it was´nt me that needed a job.”
Now Mihai is downloading some Sigur Ros for me and I am very thankful to him.
You can also find some interesting pictures in the right, from flickr, presenting Iceland.
I will go to have a walk with my elves. 🙂

Hafðu það gott

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