simple as that

flash-news: men-to-san has recently updated his page and outfit, so that the result is one of the purest, sexiest and best green I have ever seen.
otherwise, do not forget that he is situated one light-year (9. ,46.1012 km) from us.

(its matter of perception, dont worry, things in the mirror are closer than they appear)


2 thoughts on “simple as that

  1. men-to-san a transmit prin satelitul NASA 007 următoarele hot news:

    no. 1: pupat li pentru verde

    no 2: extratereştrii nu vin. era vrăjeală

    no. 3: n-au plecat, deci, n-au cum să vină aşa, la vrăjeală

    no. 4: (cenzurat din motive de securitate naţională – era ceva veri sexi cu how can you mend a broken heart)

  2. yeah, cozan is more than cool. indeed!
    man to sun!

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