ricochet (a testimony of love)

I want to kill all the people I love

how their veins persist in me
how they do steal my plastic foam
how their tongues clean my eyes

and every morning whacks my stomach
and every morning seems nothing to me

the last one to be killed will be you
at the end of these words a barrel of a gun
will stick to your neck
and the last thing you will be thinking about
is this text
you will desperately search for salvation
a code among these mingled words
but this will be in vain

I will pull the trigger
in the fucking silence of your room
your cerebrum will be dispersed over your display
your blood will weep over your keyboard

look what you’ve done
with your thirst for aesthetics
with your inquisitive nature

I don’t care who you are
you will have to die too

while you are reading all these
I am beginning to love you

(so this poem is mine, stop making stupid suppositions, ok?. thanks).


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