all mirrors are cracked

I was virgin and full of fears
I watched myself growing
nothing spectacular
just a weird girl addicted to books
depeche mode
and some kind of extralong dresses
I ate all the apples in the bag
I fantasized about my dad
taking a detour road
when he drove me home
parking some place in the dark
and fuck me in the backseat of his Cadillac

actually, I dont have a daddy since I was 13, so my fantasies can be as sinful as I want. Against my friends’ wishes I will continue to write in my lamely English, even if this sounds colder than Romanian. In approximately one month I will read think speak and cry in English and this time will be for good (so help us God). our new house has 2 bedrooms, one shower cabin, one bathroom, one living and, of course, one kitchen, somewhere at the end of a road in Leigh, Lancashire. we moved three times in 2 years, and this time is the fourth. no matter how far still close.

I am very busy these days, preparing the issue dedicated to Honda, so please be kind and understand the poverty of my blog.anyway, WE ARE AS CLOSE AS WE CAN GET AT THE MOMENT

watching each other’s mind bubbles
my cybertwin is tired you wrote so many things to her:
laura asked my cybertwin if I can teach her English. no, I cant.
paul asked my cybertwin if I am married. no, I am not.
raymond asked my cybertwin if I am stupid or smth. well, probably yes, I dont know for sure.
le maitre asked my cybertwin if I put on weight now that I quit smoking. no that I know.
lavazza asked my cybertwin if I read all those replies that you wrote to my virtual entity. yes, I always do.
dan asked my cybertwin if I remember him. of course, not.

so now I will go back to meet my elephants
jumping and dancing in my head
an earthquake that announces love in the spirit
love in the eyes and “and throats of ancient Greenwich pensioners”.

my heart is a bomb
and I am the terrorist


4 thoughts on “all mirrors are cracked

  1. Ultimele 2 versuri sunt pur si simplu penibile

  2. ultimele două NU SUNT VERSURI, anonim.

    Penibil eşti tu. Data viitoare semnează-te, ok?!

  3. it’s sad indeed. you’ve become very sad lately, what’s wrong? or is it an overwhelmed-by-bucharest-disease? my god, i had to switch myself to English as you’ve stopped using Rromanian a while ago. whyyyyyyy? spin

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