I’ll walk me outside and buy a rainbow smile

been the upper side of down been the inside of out

as long as packing is not so difficult for me
because I dont have too many things
just some dresses some pants some t-shirts
and books too many books and a lot of printed materials
I can enjoy this waiting for a rain only for me and my city
you know I moved for 3 times in 2 years and the idea of bed
is not the same anymore
the idea of House is simply not in my agenda
while the idea of Home is always as in the saying
home is where the heart is

my heart is still in me so I AM MY HOME my bed my kitchen my roof my terrace
I am my TV my bathroom my walls I am everything

I still need something that comes from Outside
to fill me in

and so the girl moves in margins
dont let me stay
in past progressive tense

(the rain suddenly stops here. you have here to listen to a new favorite song of mine which is Maybe Tomorrow – Stereophonics – back to the memory of Andru who first gave me this song a few years ago, maybe 5)


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