emo protest in london

I found this information very useful mainly because I like emo-kids
and I do not agree with the stupid idea that the 12-year girl in Romania committed suicide
its stupid, imagine how many rock fans are in this world this doesnt mean that they are suicidal human beings or that this emo fashion bustles about killing yourself
I think that this is a superficial manner of analyzing things We should better take into account the problems this generation face and to get close to them
to understand how is the world seen through their eyes
lets think about their parents and teachers and ask ourselves if they are really doing their job as parents and teachers LETS THINK AT THE WEEKEND PARENTS those who let their children alone or into their parents care
who lost the idea of FAMILY
or even
the idea of LOVE
this is a new generation for god’s sake and we must be prepared for the next generations to be
UNLIKE US its natural
but this is romania: romania will never look at things in a deeper manner and will not take the blame on its side we will never blame ourselves for what we are doing to our teenagers for the prison in which we try to incarcerate for the fact that we actually are not interested in what they have to say SUICIDE SHOULD BE A NATIONAL PROBLEM cause in Romania the rate is increasing and the ones that commit suicide are not necessarily emo kids
and I am sure that almost everyone has at one moment in life the idea of suicide so I cannot see any connection with a musical sub/genre
anyway on May 31st in London
My Chemical Romance’s fans will picket offices in protest against ‘suicide cult’ claims made by The Daily Mail

and I do not want to talk about the role of media in these teenagers’ life because I am sure that you know my opinion about nowadays journalism even if I am a journalist myself!
The march, to be held on May 31th, will begin at Hyde Park‘s West Pond and end outside the offices of The Daily Mail.

sometimes I feel like jumping from the 11th floor because there are moments when I am sick of this life and its burdens
but this does not mean that I will really do it

and when I watch THIS CLIP I see good musicians, love and art !!!

who was my cousin committed suicide 6 years ago by jumping off a building in Bucharest. she was not an emo-kid, not even addicted to satanism as they idiotically said in the newspaper)


3 thoughts on “emo protest in london

  1. i am emo too
    i bought 5 black t-shirts in one month

  2. cei anti emo sunt idioti punct


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