Corporate Cannibal

A chilling remix of Grace Jones’ ‘Corporate Cannibal’, created by Matthew Stone for Gareth Pugh’s AW16 show.


+ I’m Ready. Come. +

**I wished I had a longer lens – as it was quite impossible to get closer very rapidly and without being noticed by this girl – but actually I am happy it happened this way because the context gives her even more representational power for the idea of loneliness and alienation in the city, right in the middle of the crowd.

**At first I thought she was posing for me but zooming on the photo at home I noticed that she looked behind the place where I was. I think she was just lost in thoughts.

Postcards for free

Hi, everyone. Thanks for following this blog and my visual experiments. Thought about bringing my work closer to you, so I’m giving away LOVELY POSTCARDS FOR FREE. Just send me a message with your address, then I will send you a postcard (or more:P) and would want for you to take a picture of yourself, holding it, sending it further, placing it on a shelf, writing on it, throwing it to the bin etc. or just the postcard near other precious objects in your surroundings if you’re too camera shy:) Be as creative as you want. If it works, it might be a nice project through which we can see how the limits of digital are melted away, and how people can be brought closer through photography. I’m doing it because I love you. (++ And because I’m in a shameless self promotion phase. :P)

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++ instant adoration ++

Rummaged through my soul and found no limits.
Rummaged through my soul and found no fear.
Rummaged through my soul.
My eyes are open.
Now it seems to shock me, it’s so clear.

And so you told me
You were open
In the daylight, you’d begin
Sudden movements all around me
In the daylight, and let me in

I found the open spaces claustrophopic.
I found the walls let me in.
I found there was no passion in my limits.
I found the voice of you deep within.

And so you told me
You were open*
In the daylight, you’d begin
Sudden movements all around me
In the daylight, and let me in.

Crazy little stories make me paranoid.
I can hear people talking about me.
Suddenly, inside this is a loud noise.
Suddenly, my face becomes clear

TEN project: Gabriela

TEN project explores the idea of family relationships in connection to time. It started as a result of meeting one of my cousins, Gabriela, after almost 10 years; we spent little time together, trying to rediscover each other and (re)create a connection. Although natural and absolutely not staged, the series of portraits explores the familiarity versus the unknown, the blood relationships, the time and the distance. The title is also connected to Gabriela’s maximum grade (10) that she received on a recent MA graduation exam. Will update it soon.

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*My cultural anthropological ongoing project will be exhibited as part of a group exhibition at the amazing CUBE Gallery in Manchester, comprising the works of the MA graduates from the University of Central Lancashire (UK).

You’re invited! 🙂